Message limit for moderators

I asked this question about 2 months ago but I think it changed.
My question is how many messages can a moderator send intill he/she gets global banned.

A few months ago it was 20msg in 30sec.
Some people told me now its 100msg in 60sec.
has this changed?

Oh ok, but is the 20/100 20msg in 100sec?
Because today I saw someone that sent over 40+ msg all at once because his bot broke or something and he did not get global banned…

100 messages/commands in 30 seconds for mods+
20 messages/commands in 30 for regular users

Keep in mind if you send 30 messages in a channel where you are a mod and 1 message in a channel where you are not within the same 30 seconds you will be locked out.

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Ah ok thanks :slight_smile:

And global bans are still 8 hours right?

It was changed to 2 hours a little while ago.

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Ah, ok thanks!

Do sending /ban and /timeouts and joins and parts to channels also go towards the rate limit???

Yes timeout and ban do.

Join is a separate limit
Parts are free

Commands do NOT count towards the rate limit. That’s at least the last official statement mentioned here. Or was there an update?

I stand corrected.

It seems that ban and timeout do not count to the limit anymore but this may change

Last I heard that was temporary. Commands do count again.

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