Messages blocked from Whitelisted Bot

I currently have a whitelisted bot (MTGBot), and I’m seeing that certain messages are being still being blocked. This is creating a frustrating user experience, which is making me look bad, as they’re assuming it’s a bot related bug, and nothing through twitch.

Some of the current blocked messages:

<danbopes>: Current mana: 79875.00
<danbopes>: Dealer has *J. You have 5-5 (10). Would you like to hit(h) or stay(s)?
<danbopes>: You have 2-8-Q (20). Would you like to hit(h) or stay(s)?

Although all these whispers were sent to danbopes, other users are getting similar messages blocked as well. How should I proceed?

How many whispers has your bot been sending? Are any of the whispers unsolicited (ie, the bot initiated the whisper conversation)?

I ask because as the way I understand it to work, whitelisting increases certain restrictions on message limits, but doesn’t remove them, so if your bot is deemed to be excessive then it will still get blocked. From what some users have been reporting too (take the accuracy of this with a grain of salt) unsolicited whispers seem to be a common factor in a bot being blocked from whispering. Also, unwelcome whispers are likely to be reported for spam at times, which again will likely lead to your bot being blocked.

These are all solicited whispers. (Users need to whisper !mana in the first case, and !blackjack 1 in the later cases). As far as throttling, it wasn’t anywhere close to 20 messages in 30 seconds.

The 20 message in 30 seconds limit is to do with messages in chat (and also includes things like joining a channel), whispers use a different limit that is much stricter.

@Daniel_Beaupre is this still occurring for you?

Sorry for the delay, just saw this. It didn’t appear to be happening anymore since your post.

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