Minecraft Launcher not working

I am a Macbook pro user. I downloaded a modpack called ‘SkyFactory 3’ from the twitch Modpacks. However, as i am about to open the game through twitch, it opens up an old minecraft launcher instead of the new one that is introduced since 1.10.
When i tried to open it, the game is unable to open with a message, basically means the minecraft has ended its support for the old launcher.
my settings for the ‘preferred minecraft launcher’ has been chosen to the ‘Always Latest Version’, and the ‘Native Launcher’ option is not available as well.
if anyone can provide any help on this issue, will be much appreciated. also the developers should see this asap and release a new version to patch this bug.

These forums are for 3rd party developers. You can reach support via help.twitch.tv.

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