MIRC Version Please Help me, thanks

I think every one knows that MIRC´s newest versions no longer suport twitch but does someone know the newest version from MIRC that still support twitch?
Thanks to every one that reply to this, it wourd help me a lot if someone can help me :heart:

mIRC never supported Twitch’s custom messages. You always had to download scripts or make your own.
I switched from 7.38 to 7.45 (newest version) just recently and it’s the same “support” as before

Personally if you’re looking for an easy code language to make a bot with I would recommend to start with TMI.JS; It uses Javascript language and automatically has support for the twitch API. It’s pretty good if you’re just starting off

I used a version bevore that showed me basacly the chat and the viewer list and i written evrething else on my own but i made the mistake to update the version to a version that reakt to nothing that comes from twitch and i cant finde a version that reakt :c

thanks for the information :slight_smile:

I don’t think a mIRC update would break anything. I’m using the latest version and everything works fine. I’m not sure when things started not working for you and what exactly isn’t working, but there have been changes at Twitch that may have broken things clientside if you don’t update your scripts.

For once, to get a viewerlist you have to send the twitch.tv/membership capability, for example like this:

on *:connect:{
  if ($server == tmi.twitch.tv) {
    raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership

What is also useful to get more information (depending on what you need), are the commands and tags capabilities:

on *:connect:{
  if ($server == tmi.twitch.tv) {
    raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/tags
    raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands
    raw CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership

The tags capability attaches additional information to messages, like whether a user is a moderator or subscriber, which you can access like this:

; Checks if the user is a subscriber in the channel
alias isSub {
  if ($msgtags(subscriber).key == 1) {
    return $true
  return $false

; Example usage
on *:text:*:#:{
  echo -a $nick Sub: $isSub

The commands capability makes Twitch Chat send custom commands that contain additional information, like detecting when someone is banned from chat:

  ; $1 - channel
  ; $2 - user who got timed out/banned

  if ($2 == $null) {
    ; No user given, so chat was cleared
    echo -a Chat in channel $1 cleared
  ; You need to have the tags capability requested to get tags
  else if ($msgtags(ban-duration).key == $null) {
    ; If ban-duration is missing it is a ban
    echo -a User $2 in $1 was banned $getReason
  else {
    ; Otherwise it's a timeout
    echo -a User $2 in $1 was timed out for $msgtags(ban-duration).key seconds $getReason

alias -l getReason {
  return Reason: $getTagValue(ban-reason)

; Gets the value of a tag, replacing some escaped characters
; Returns $null if tag isn't there
; Only some tags in Twitch Chat commonly contain escaped characters
; (mainly spaces in tags like ban-reason)
alias getTagValue {
  ; $1 The key of the tag
  return $replacex($msgtags($1).key,\s,$chr(32),\:,;)

You can read up on Twitch Chat in the documentation.

thanks for your big help. i will try this. i can only say so far that it stop first and a few version before with showing the viewer list. two or 3 versions later it stopped with showing the join and quit event and i think two version s before it stopped also with reacting on commands but as i sayed before, thanks i will try that at first.

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