Missing/Changing twitch caregory

Some strange things have been happening to the H1Z1 categories. There’s a console version and that category is plain “H1Z1” and there is a PC version that had a name change to “Z1 Battle Royale”. Over the past few weeks Z1 Battle Royale category got a name change to “H1Z1: Battle Royale” while this console category remained “H1Z1”. Just today the “H1Z1” category vanished. It’s completely erased. And even more weird all my previous VODS category got changed to the “H1Z1: Battle Royale” formerly Z1 Battle Royale PC version.

Was this intentional or is this a bug? How often does a deleted category get replaced by a completely different category on a VOD


Twitch just changed over from Giant Bomb to IGDB for their data source, so they changed and consolidated a lot of categories. It shouldn’t really happen much anymore now that the switch is done.

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