Missing Raid annoucement since the discontinued /host command

When /host command was active (i’m pretty sure) both /raid and /host commands created a USERNOTICE in IRC showing the destination of the recently initiated raid/host. Since the discontinuation /host, /raid doesn’t trigger this USERNOTICE. My issue is, there is a disparity now. An arriving raid will be announced in the raid’s target channel, but there is no way to publicly know when a raid is initiated in the source channel.

According to this thread, the only way to know the target channel of the current raid is to have a moderation privilege on the source channel. Which is not to practical (depending on your needs ofc).

Is this disparity is intended or it’s just an oversight?

  • source channel: there is no announcement for /raid target channel
  • target channel: there is an announcement for raid from source channel.

This makes no sense to me. These are the same thing, just the different side of the coin. Why one side of the story is a secret?

Is there any way to grab the raid’s target channel without any special privilege on the source channel?

EventSub will report when an outbound raid has triggered

Only when the raid has triggered and if you are subscribed to the source channel on eventsub

Sounds like you need a uservoice, I remember filing one (or seeing one) about no “notification about a raid starting” when the raid API was introduced.

As to what the permissions on such a thing will be I don’t know.


As to if it’s a design choice or an oversight we’ll never know!

@BarryCarlyon Thanks, i’ll look into EventSubs

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