missing_salt login fail

Hello i’ve made an local page split into 4 divs, and one of them have the embeded chat in it, it used to work fine until the other day, now it tells me to login and when i do(try) i get this: “We’re sorry, we encountered an error logging you in (error code: mismatched_nonce_salt_pair).” or just “missing_salt”, is there a way of getting it to work in an iframe (local and/or online) like in the API section or did you change something?

Can you make a http://jsfiddle.net/ that reproduces the issue. I can’t reproduce this issue with embedded chats when not logged in, although logging in inside of an iframe does not work properly with embedded chat (you login, and it logs you in and redirects back to the chat in a new tab [rather than the existing iframe]).

We are aware of a bug that causes these two error codes when multiple login windows are open.

When you open a login form on Twitch, we give you a cookie with a unique value that helps us verify that you’re still you when you complete the login flow. If you open multiple login forms, the cookie’s value gets overwritten by each form after the first, causing the errors you’re seeing when submitting any but the most recent of the forms.

We are investigating clean solutions to this but do not have an ETA for now. In the meantime, hopefully that information can help you – ensure that you’re not opening multiple login forms at once.

all i get is a grey frame with the twitch logo

when i open my local page and i try to type in the chat
the login popup well… pops up.
I write my username and password and get redirected to a new page
where it shows me the error message.

and i only have one login form :confused:
or is it the fact that twitch redirects me to a new page without closing the login on the old one that makes the error?

BUT, i just made a new user in Chrome and the page/chat works fine there. (well i didnt have to even login)

is there a cookie i need to clear to get it to work in the “default” browser or something?
Its kinda random when it works and not which is annoying since i want to be able to chat without having to open another window when i already have the chat opened.

if i login to my dashboard and make a popout chat and just stick it to my right monitor it works fine but something about the fact that it is embeded with more stuff makes it not work like it should

I cannot reproduce your issue, so at this point a jsfiddle would assist me as well. Similar to @night I can successfully log in by typing into an embedded chat and logging in from the form that appears.

This is what i am running from my harddrive, http://pastebin.com/HmKhBxT1

Jfiddle only gives me a grey page with twitch logo.

Apparently JSfiddle now applies a sandbox onto iframe, so since Twitch sets the document domain the chat won’t load.

Instead of testing locally, are you able to upload your HTML to a server and test it there? Sometimes testing from a file causes security restrictions.

I tried your code locally and could not reproduce your issue. I did experience the issue in @night’s first comment about being redirected back to chat in a new tab, but refreshing the original tab did show that I was logged in and I could chat.

What browser are you using? And which error specifically do you get from testing in this exact scenario – missing_salt or mismatched_nonce_salt_pair? Knowing will help us figure out what’s going on.

oh, i totally missed that you had given more answers to this.

@night i get the same problem running it on my webserver as localy, an as i said before, its working in Chrome as another user so im guessing its something to do with cookies or something else.

@Glacials yeah i have had that problem as well, and the same solution, just login and then reload the chat. but its not working anymore. and i got both of the error messages in question, at different times thought. And im using the latest Chrome.

I have it running fine as another user in chrome right now, but its annoying when you click a link and it opens on the right monitor in the wrong browser making me unable to see the chat and stuff if im in a game or something else in fullscreen mode.

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