Mobile API integration & Twitch Con Dev Day


I work for a company that makes mobile games. We’re making a competitive ARTS and we’re interested in the Twitch API. I have a few questions regarding TwitchCon.

-Is there still room to get into the Dev Day conference?
-Would it be worth it for a mobile game dev to attend?
-Will the “SESSIONS: GAME SERVICES” segments be streamed?
-In your trello board, there’s a section that says mobile game extensions are “being explored” What does this mean?
-I have a 3-day pass to TwitchCon, is there anyone I can possibly talk to about DevDay? I’d like to book a ticket landing in LA on the Thursday of DevDay… but if I can’t get approved I’ll book it for Friday. How long does approval typically take?


The roadmap mentions “Extensions on mobile” being explored, which simply means supporting Extensions in the official Twitch applications for iOS and Android. I don’t see anything about mobile games.

Will the game dev talks be applicable to mobile game devs such as myself?

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