Mobile app - Twitch integration

Hi everyone,

I have 2 questions I can’t find an answer to that is not 4 years old:

  • would it be possible to integrate the Twitch API within our mobile app (so that creators and fans could stream within our app)
  • if above is possible, can we do it without the need for everyone to create a Twitch account?


Sorta: You can call various endpoints if your app calls your backend and the backend using a client credentials tokens, so a backend would be required.


users would need their own twitch account in order to have an account to stream to.

Assuming by stream you mean “all fans are ctreators” and “stream is send video data to twitch to ingest”

The answer hasn’t changed.

Thanks a lot Barry, so regarding the need of an account I would differentiate creators (streaming something) and consumers (watching the stream) → do both creators and watchers need a Twitch account?
For us, requiring an account for creators would not seem too cumbersome but for every watcher it starts being complicated.

Without an account creators cannot stream to twitch

If watches want to talk in chat they will need an account to just watch a stream nothing is required.

Thank you! Last question I promise: can I create the account for the watchers? they might have to only validate the creation via their email but basically to make it as simple as possible for them:
ie. button in my app “click here to create an account on Twitch” → opens popup “check your inbox and validate your account creation before returning on the mobile app” → they can now comment

There is no API for this.

A user will have to go to the Twitch App or Website to create their account.

it kinda sounds like you are trying to “white label” Twitch, it’s not setup in a way to allow that.

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ok, thanks a lot for your help Barry :wink: