Mobile Extension "Minimal Functionality" & Loading

Hello anyone who can help…

I’m working on doing the loyalty system for my bot through extension, however I do want this to work on mobile also.

  • Does an extension on mobile load in the background when the stream loads?
  • What does “must perform only minimal work in the background.” actually mean?

The idea is that the extension will load and ping the EBS on a timer. Is this okay to be classed as minimal background work.

It doesn’t seem to in my limited tested

When user has hit the puzzle piece for the first time. Your timers should cause minimal data loading. So as to not waste bandwidth on something the user isn’t actively interacting with

Thanks @BarryCarlyon

That’s a problem for me then, bit of a shame, maybe have to think about a different way around this, if the extension indeed doesn’t load.

Also thanks for the clarification on the timer, it’s going to be a couple of ms at a time so very minimal in terms of time and bandwidth.

By timer I meant “interval between triggering a HTTP request”

So if the user isn’t interacting, you should consider not performing a http request to update their currency value, (in this example).

If your idea was to use the extension on mobile to determine user presence, yeah, thats a no go. (before we consider the user locking their phone and twitch flipping the stream to audio only and unloading everything for example)

oh of course I understood the HTTP request timer. Sorry was slightly distracted with “other things”

Yes, it was all about presence as there just isn’t a good way of doing it at the moment.

I think mobile is a strange case because as you mention when the viewer locks and goes into audio only, everything unloads, I assume that includes chat, so they wouldn’t be in any sort of viable list at all anyway.

:slight_smile: Wanted to check understanding! Coz we devs dun werd gud

Pretty much yes.

Depends on the phone/OS a lot also.

I think on iOS the app unloads completely and flips to sending a background audio stream over the relevant software channel(s). (Or in youtube case it just laughs and shuts off completely)