Mobile Extension - Playing Sound

I am looking to make a twitch panel extension that is compatible with mobile. The extension, when prompted by a viewer, would play a sound to all viewers that have the extension unmuted. I am not able to play the sound through stream but instead need it to play through the extension.

As from my experience, most mobile applications only play one output at a time. I am curious to know if mobile extensions have this capability? If it is possible, will it mute the stream while the sound is playing(because of only one output)? Or will it recognize the extension out put as apart of the twitch application and play it over the stream volume?

I appreciate the help.

They don’t as on mobile, users either see the panel extension or chat.

So if they are looking at chat, and you trigger a sound event, mobile won’t play the sound

And no it doesn’t do this

Is there potential for this to be a capability in the future do you know?

Feature suggestions should be posted to the uservoice

But the issue here is likely to be a device issue.

Whilst iOS might be straight forward due to limited list of devices and software combinations, android is a utter mess of platforms, phones and, OS versions combinations.

The best solution here is for any sound to be embedded in the stream, as a browser source for the streamer, as then everyone, even non extension enabled platforms get the sound

I will put in the suggestion.
I appreciate the insight, but unfortunately for my use case I won’t be able to embed it into the stream.
Thanks for the help.

Right now, what happens, on mobile, if the extension is open, you trigger a sound event, the stream will pause, the sound will play and it doesn’t return to the stream. Tested on a released extension, on iOS just now.

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I removed sounds from my Extension for the mobile panel just for this reason, it pauses the video. When I play a sound in my extension, it plays on the streamers PC for all viewers to hear, but I had a preview button to previous the sound effects, and I just remove the button from Mobile.

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I appreciate you going out of your way to test this for me :slight_smile:

I’m assuming that an overlay would act in the same manner and would not be able to play sounds on top of the stream volume?

As on mobile, an extension is only of type panel

So you get

overlay, component, or panel

on PC

and on mobile it’s always a panel regardless of the install slot.

And then yes, it would have the same audio “issue” if it was an overlay over the video stream on mobile

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