Mobile extension's link click to open default system browser instead of webView

Hi! Is it possible to open default system browser instance when clicking on links on mobile version of extension? Right now link click opens separate webView which doesn’t contain all user’s credentials and user have to provide web site authentication procedure from the scratch.

To my knowledge no, all links in the apps will spawn into webview rather than the browser. (Same applies for links in chat)

What are you doing that needs “access” to the existing Twitch session?

We would like to authenticate users on our web site with different auth providers, including Twitch, Facebook, Google. So far only Twitch implemented though. And it appears that being authenticated on our site in system browser user have to provide his credentials again when he follows the link form extension. It is bad user experience and potential barrier to use our product.

Sounds like your extension might be erring close to violations of 4.6 regarding offsite linking.

It’s ok if it’s the broadcaster from the config view (which won’t be on mobile anyway)
But it’s “questionable” if asking viewers to do this. Especially since Facebook and Google are “competing products” to Twitch (Policy 4.6.1)

Our extension’s off-site link follow to our own site. Facebook and Google are meant to be used only as identity providers, as well as Twitch now.

The idea of extensions is that all/most of the usage “stays” inside the extension.

If you are sending people to your site to login and do other stuff, then you may be in violation as Twitch cannot “validate” the contents of the site meet with the guidelines, and an extensions sole purpose shouldn’t be to send people off site.

Borderlands extension only sends people offside to link their shift+twitch accounts and then sends them back to the extension, for example.

*My intrepration of the rules and guidelines here.

Hmm, I’m not competent to discuss this topic, but I will definitely discuss this issue with the product owner. It might be significant issue for the further product development. Thank you for noticing that!