Mobile view goes blank upon textarea text entry

My extension has a dialog that enables users to enter text that gets passed to the backend. It was working on mobile devices in early July and now it is not. It still works perfectly in the Developer Rig within a simulated mobile extension view.

The dialog appears correctly and the textarea input area looks ready to be typed in. Unfortunately, as soon as a user types any character in the textarea, the entire mobile extension disappears (blank / white) and there is no way to get it to work again without killing the mobile app and rejoining the broadcast.

I have no triggers on the textarea, so there is no JavaScript being called when the user clicks in that area or hits a key (no onclick or onkeypress). There is default text in the textarea, but that is it. It’s a simple textarea element within a div.

Anyone else seeing this strange behavior with textarea elements in the mobile extension experience?

As noted in the Developer Discord where you also posed this query:


This ended up being an issue specific to the latest version of iOS 12.4. The problem was that I had a function that was changing the URL of some images being loaded using the window.resize trigger. This was better than the CSS resize for quality, but I have since moved all of this in to CSS. But this call still remained…silent and lurking. It caused no harm on previous versions of iOS or Android, but having this in place caused the Twitch onContext callback to fire repeatedly and resulted in a blank screen.

If someone has this in their code, remove it:

$(window).resize(function() {

Thanks again for the very useful, “nope,” @BarryCarlyon!

What do you want me to say if I can’t replicate it. Not reply at all saying I can’t replicate it?

I even tested it with textareas I have in my own extensions and couldn’t replicate it.

Please see Wheaton’s Law

There was no reason to call me out specifically

You are the only one who commented, so I replied specifically to thank you. Yours wasn’t a useful comment, @BarryCarlyon. Silence would have been perfectly acceptable response.