"/mods" Not implemented in "CAP REQ"?

When TWITCHCLIENT was still a thing (Yeah, I remember.) I used V3 to receive additional information about a channel. One of these things was “/mods”. Which, as you might’ve noticed, returns a list with all the moderators of said channel.

My problem now is that (Knowing TWITCHCLIENT has been deprecated.) I can’t seem to retrieve this list with the current "CAP REQ"s.

Anyone else ran into this problem?
Anyone know a solution?

Thank you for your time.

EDIT: Might be useful to add that I’m doing all this (Rather, “trying”.) in mIRC (Which uses the mSL programming language.).

You need CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands. The result will be returned as a NOTICE and not a PRIVMSG.

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You made my day in less than a minute. <3

As a note, if you’re trying to determine if the sender of a message is a mod we now recommend using twitch.tv/tags instead, as that will contain the most up-to-date information.

Yes, I’ve been using that a whole lot. Only problem with it is that mIRC then puts ALL the info AND message in the server window(s). Which is probably one of the reasons I missed George’s solution. mIRC will also no longer show me who’s in the channel and who isn’t. To tackle this problem I’m using “/mods” to get all the moderators and still have mod-only commands.

However, this is damage control and not a permanent solution. Subscriber commands will need a different band-aid, or I’m simply tasked with making a new IRC connector which will have the current CAP REQs properly programmed (Which is on a side project, but, as I’ve said before, I needed a band-aid for the “/mods” problem.).

That being said: I still appreciate your help and am glad to see the fast responses.

Ah, gotcha. Unfortunately I don’t have a good response for that issue, as “don’t use mIRC” is a pretty terrible solution…

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It should not put it in the server window anymore. I’m using it with no problems. I remember that this was the case before though.

mIRC has support for IRCv3 message tags since version 7.42.

Simple identifiers to check for mod and other user status types in on text message events: http://pastebin.com/9tBbbCCw

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