Moobot Song Requests/Copy Right Infringement

I might start Streaming weekly on twitch in about a month, and I was looking At the moobot song Request system since I want to play music, But If i understand it correctly Viewers can just suggest any song from YouTube and this would cause copyright infringement. Is there a way that Viewer can only select From a playlist that I control, i have licenses for 73 songs. Also If I am completely wrong About how this works please just explain.

Hello JayQwery, from what I understand and channels that I moderate and help out with, they use Night bot for song requests which works the same in respect, the infringement works differently while live streaming and I see songs that have Copyright being used and played all the time on a live stream, however uploading the live stream to say YouTube may cause copyright problems with the sound track, but from what I know and understand you should be fine letting people request those songs. I will do a bit more research into this for you but I am pretty confident in what I have said. :smile:

Well, i am out of luck then I am in fact planning on uploading Vods onto YouTube

This is usually when saving your Live stream to upload to YT with the songs that are being played in the background, but I find a bit of Trial and Error for a test can never hurt just to find out completely :smile:

Yeah that’s true I will leave it enabled for now See how it works out.

The newest version of NightBot has the option to use a playlist created by you (or anyone else for that matter). You can then limit song requests to songs in that playlist. It is also possible to import a playlist with the latest beta version. If you can find or create a royalty free playlist and import it into NightBot, then you’ll be all set. Otherwise, doing song requests wouldn’t really work for your usage needs. I just did a quick search on youtube and found this:
It might proove useful to you.

Cool i will look into that

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