More Loyalty Badges

In twitch I feel that we need more loyalty badges for those subbed for more than 3 years. It would be nice to at least have 3 and 4 years, but a few more between could be nice. Also the ability to change loyalty badge could also be nice, such as the ability to change from turbo to prime.


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You can already choose between Prime, Turbo, and Cheer badges:

  1. Click the settings coghweel under your chat input.
  2. Under the “Name Display” section, choose “Edit Appearance” from the pop-up.
  3. The “Global Badge” and “Channel Badge” sections will allow you to choose between Prime/Turbo/Cheer badges. You can choose the “Global” button in the channel section to match whatever you have chosen in the global section.

These settings have been available for at least a year.

I already know this, if you read through my post you’ll see that I compare a possible feature of changing loyalty badges like we can with other current badges

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