Msg-id tags for 'failed' or 'Improperly formatted' auth NOTICE?

Would it be possible to get a msg-id tag for the following two NOTICE? NOTICE * :Improperly formatted auth NOTICE * :Login authentication failed

Currently I am parsing the actual message if I detect an empty notice to see which of the two errors I got, but wouldn’t it be more effective to have the msg-id parsed when we parse the whole IRC raw string? So we don’t need to parse something else ‘again’?

Unless I am missing something and there is a more effective way to detect the above to states to send back as error to the UI / end user?

also on a semi- side note;

msg_channel_suspended exists as msg-id but a non-existing channel gets silently dropped?
Can’t we get a NOTICE channel_not_exists before the join is dropped?
^ I know that I could potentially check the API first, but would like to separate the API from the chat completely.

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