Msgtags - Duration for Prime vs paid discrepancy?

Rewriting my sub bot here and noticed a discrepancy between Prime and paid notifications.

For a new sub, msg-id sub, the duration on msg-param-sub-plan for Prime is 1, but on any other plan the duration is 0.

Leads to there never being a duration 1 for any paid plan, as well as some more work for the my database.

Would love to understand why this is the case? And if it’s going to be something that gets conformed at any point?

Duration? Do you mean the msg-param-months tag? That’s the streak they’re on, unrelated to the subscription tier/type they’ve chosen. If you actually mean the msg-param-sub-plan tag, that only has values 1000,2000,3000,Prime.

Yes, sorry, was a late night last night.

. 8 msg-id sub
. 9 msg-param-months 1
. 10 msg-param-sub-plan-name Monthly\sSubscription\s(dansgaming)
. 11 msg-param-sub-plan Prime

. 8 msg-id sub
. 9 msg-param-months 0
. 10 msg-param-sub-plan-name Channel\sSubscription\s(LIRIK)
. 11 msg-param-sub-plan 1000

Both are new subs, one is prime, other is plan 1000. Prime shows msg-param-months 1 while the paid shows msg-param-months 0

Then second month of Prime is msg-param-months 2, same as second month of paid. Paid plans always scip msg-param-months 1

I have observed that Prime subs have months set to 1 (when it’s a new sub) and any other plan has it set to 0.

Either way, on context sub or undefined I ignore the months param in my displays and business logic.

Interrogate the context to see if it’s a sub/resub and/or test months for being > 1 for resubs and <= 1 for new subs

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