Multi-Overlay Extension

An extension designed to allow the use of multiple currently available and future stream overlays at once.

There’s no way for an Extension to automatically pull in other Extensions. This would have to be a manually developed Extension i.e. someone builds an Extension with the specific features from other Extensions.

Is there any particular overlay functionality you were expecting to see in a single overlay or were you hoping to see the full suite of overlays be usable together?

Unfortunately, it’s seems a pretty purposeful decision to not allow multiple overlays at once. It’s possibly something that will change at a later date, but I can see the problems this could easily open up unless the overlays are designed specifically to not conflict.

A framework to support multiple concurrent Extensions on top of the video player is already being worked on… :wink:


Woo hoo!!! @tf2casperr I was hoping to see the full suite of overlays be usable together. If the conflicts you are referring to are visual than I think it would have to be up to the streamer to choose a combination that doesn’t conflict.

I think using multiple video player overlays at once is inevitable and hopefully the framework that @rbartlet is talking about will allow for some customization on the placement of these overlays. I understand that the placement, size and so forth can be tricky since the player window can be all sort of sizes but it wouldn’t be impossible to provide that functionality! :grin:

@Team_Space_Boots I think you have the right idea here! :slight_smile: