MultiCamera Viewer Choice

Hello Twitch & Twitch Developers,

I had the idea and I think this an inevitably awesome feature idea to have multiple camera angles set up as separate streams within the same stream. For my example I want to broadcast me playing piano from sheet music with education and follow along tracking in mind. If I have three cameras wouldn’t it be great to have a camera on the sheet music, one on the top down piano, and one showing me from a side or front angle. That way the user could join the stream seeing me playing as the main image, but have the option to fill extra screens, or use full camera resolution streams in windows on the same monitor of different angles, and pick and choose how to view.

I can think of tons of other streamers from IRL or gamers showing close ups of mouse/keyboards that could use this similar to squad streaming but all under one header. I’ll post in the OBS dev forums as well as I’m sure they will have to make some compatibility feature, or you’ll have to be able to run separate instances of obs simultaneously and have the bandwidth to boot. The internet is getting faster and so are computers and I think this would be a great step for twitch to give single streamers multiple screens at max resolution instead of pushing the 4k or higher single screen limits that are currently accepted.

Anyways, is anyone else seeing potential in this? Is there anyone with time to work on this extension and get it integrated with twitch’s presentation and obs’ technical end?


Hi @Spy_Emanciator, please share your suggestion in the video features section of UserVoice.

The forum is intended for questions or discuss regarding third-party development such as building chatbots, Extensions, etc, while UserVoice is the right place to share product feedback and suggestions such as your post above.

ok will do.