Multiple account login issues for xboxone

Okay so I have a gaming community that uses 1 account and there’s also my person account that I use to stream from. These are both through the Xbox one. When logging into twitch there is no username password login it only prompts you to put in the alphanumeric code that then opens up your account. However the problem with this is I can’t change the account info to log into a different account on my Xbox One. I’ve tried logging off of twitch through my mobile and my computer along with the Xbox One and re-logging in under my personal account through the Xbox One and my community account is the only one that will show for streaming. I also tried logging out of the app and completely deleting it l, re-downloading it, and opening it doing the same process and to no avail the issue Still Remains. I’m wondering if there is a step that I’m missing or am I not doing something correctly in order to log into a different account to stream from. I appreciate your help on this you guys because I really do enjoy twitch and all the work that you guys have put into it. Thank you very much for your time

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