Multiple errors in console when trying to just console log a users stream info

When trying to run an ajax call in a js.erb, I’m returned a slew of errors in the console. I have a screenshot of all of my errors in the console and the call I’m making is just checking a channel by username. If anyone could help me understand where I went wrong, that would be hugely appreciated!

Could you post the errors and what code you’re trying to run?

This is the call I’m making (obviously “my client id is my ID”) I was previously trying to run it through calling forth a username from the database in a ERB file, but I swapped to just a JS file to try and get any call to work. Could it be how i specified my redirect?
“Client-ID”: “my client id”
success: function(data1){


Those are all normal errors except the very first Uncaught SyntaxError. You’re missing a comma after your URL parameter, for example, that would cause that error.

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