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Hi all. I’m working on an integration at the moment and the question has come up about how to support multiple games. At the moment we have a single channel, which would be easy enough, but the current plan is to start a second channel for streaming a different title. If this is the case will we need viewers to link their Twitch account to each channel separately in order to be registered for VHS? My thinking is that this will be the case based on the fact that I presume that each channel will need to have it’s own app and client ID configured.

If this assumption is correct, is there any way to support multiple games using a single client ID across multiple channels, or will we be stuck choosing between a) streaming everything using a single channel, or b) making our viewers account link twice?

Account links are scoped by a developer (represented on the developer portal as a ‘company’ - see yours at Companies are tracked as the owner of games and you can see what games you own at

Once you have Drops set up for your company, any VHS account links ( made for your company will work for any game that your company owns. The channel must be playing a game your company owns and must also have a VHS link established for you to receive the VHS reports for that channel.

So, if you have eg CoolGame1 and CoolGame2 both owned by your company, viewers will not need to link twice so long as you’re using the same client ID for both. You could then have MyCoolChannelOne for streaming your CoolGame1 and MyCoolChannelTwo for streaming CoolGame2 (though you would need to create account links for both broadcasters) and viewers would only need to link once.

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