Multiple Redirect URI

Hello, for my webapp, i’m working on 3 differents environment :

  • Localhost
  • Staging
  • Production

Can I add multiple redirect uri like :


Because I try to do that and all environments returning

400 - Parameter redirect_uri does not match registered URI

Obviously I change the auth url on each environment

https\://'[CHANGE HERE]','oAuth','width=490,height=850

Thanks by advence !

Yes. A clientID supports multple callbacks

Commonly the issue is that redirect_uri in your outbound redirect is missing the ending / or you didn’t URIEncode.

So uou said “my redirect is http://localhost/auth

http://localhost/auth != http://localhost/auth/

The have to exact match and the common issue people do is the miss the / on the end leading to a mismatch. Either from not writing the / in code or not URIEncoding and the URI becoming confused when a URI is in a URI

Everything seems fine, I retry to do my localhost but isn’t working :'https\://','oAuth','width=490,height=850')

try'https\://' + encodeURIComponent('http://localhost/auth/'),'oAuth','width=490,height=850')

Similar to this example Twitch Implicit Auth Example

This did’nt solve the problem, same error, but I identify the issue

My error was not on the fallback code, but on the token fetch, I chage redirect URI for all but not on the token request ^^

Sorry for that totally my bad, thanks a lot :pray:

All good.

It’s also good practice to URI encode your redirect URI’s an outbound oAuth URL

Yeah I did that with all the redirect URI, I did not know this principle of encoding !

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