Music for my twitch account

So I’m the type of player that plays 10 times better whenever I’m playing Call of Duty zombies and and I have the Easter Egg song for the map that I’m on playing and so I was wondering if since I tend to stream every time I play zombies I was wondering if I can add the Call of Duty Easter egg songs into a playlist on my Twitch account to listen to do while I’m playing zombies and not be hit with copyright on it

Hi you are not at the right place for this question.

Twitch is only allowing no copyright music to be played on your stream. You may find the guidelines here: - Music. Twitch does not give a full list of copyright music and, as you wish to stream different songs from various artists, you can check on the Internet if these songs are copyrighted.

Caution: If you stream a copyrighted song and is not flagged by Twitch directly, this means that Twitch doesn’t know at that time if this song is copyrighted or not.

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