Muted Audio for in Game Music - Worried Our Audio will also cause issue


Anything you can do to assist our studio to prevent our own players/streamers from experiencing the same uninspiring issue our developer experienced would be significantly valued.

Recently one of our team of developers streamed MW3 to their own channel on The following day Twitch notified the streamer that a portion of the video has its audio muted due to copyright violation/ownership.

Our development team is publishing their music on YouTube just as [James Bransden] does on YouTube for his work on MW3 here:

Appropriately we believe our developers and streamers are concerned, as this video was muted by Twitch and the audio that was removed is not able to be turned off in game. It is music that plays in the menu between games and is in no way controllable by the streamer per the development team of MW3.

Therefore we believe this case as in potential cases involving our own games developed and released in the future would be considered fair use. Here is the video with muted audio:

Can someone please shed light on how our studio can prevent future issues in our own games, and how to potentially help our developer? He did file a dispute for fair use.

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