Muthead Twitch Login Automation

To use certain features on, you need to be logged in with your twitch account.
Is this possible to do with a web request with the Twitch API? I need to login to the users twitch account and save the credentials so that the next web request they do not need to login. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Not sure what you are asking here.

Are you the developer of muthead and looking to add Twitch Authentication to the site?

That would involve the oAuth loop as documented: already has an integrated Twitch Oauth. (If you are not a member, go to, it will have a button to login to twitch, and redirect to their twitch redirect page, so I have that login page. What I want to do is go to that redirect page, pass login credentials, and be able to use that login token to make get requests without needing to login to Twitch again.

When a person links via Twitch just store the oAuth token…

Make sure to be aware of A reminder to validate access tokens when using OAuth2

I’m essentially a user of their site trying to make an application for myself using some of the data from their site. As a user, can I view my Oauth token?


If they don’t have an API, then theres nothing we can do as we are Twitch Third Party devs. Not muthead third party devs…

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