My bot is always time out

Good day everybody,

I have the problem that my TMI Bot just goes out after some time.
(Time out - Reconnect in 3 seconds…)
And that’s a big problem. I have developed a bot that is used by a lot of streamer.
Currently, there are almost 78,000 streamers registered, where the bot should connect after the server starts.

After about 2-5 minutes, even 10 minutes, the bot gets a time out.
After the restart, he starts again from the front to connect with the streamers.
This is very problematic and, above all, not so resource friendly.

How do I can fix the problem?
Is there a timeout parameter for the options?
Like this:
var options = {
options: {
debug: false //it was true but it did not help.
connection: {
cluster: “aws”,
reconnect: true
//set the timeout here >> timeout: 120000 << ???
identity: {
username: “MyBotName”,
password: “oauth:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
channels: streamer
(streamer = all streamers out of one JSON)

The usual issue for that is that you are not ping/ponging to IRC.

Sounds more like you are exceeding the receive buffer, if you are really in 78,000 streamers chats…

or you are hitting the join limit

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I do not quite understand that. How can I extend this buffer?
Is that even possible ?
I really have to sit in the chat with so many streamers.
How does the bot of “Moobot” as an an example?

You can’t

Multiple processes keeping within the published rate limits.


That’s helpful but I do not send any commands. I’m just listening withe the bot.

So my Known bot send not 50 IRC Commands per 30 seconds. If anything, it only sends a maximum of 5 in 1 minute.

Edit: And how can i verify my Bot ?=

Joining a channel is a command

So when the Bot connect… then join over the options under streamer the bot to 78.000 streamers ?
Or when i use the client.join(username); command ?

It’s the same thing

The library sends a JOIN command for each channel in the options list at startup.

Oh men… that’s a big problem. :roll_eyes::thinking:
And how can i verify my Bot for 7500 per 30 seconds ?

7500 is a number that I certainly will not exceed in 30 seconds.
A connection takes about ~1 second. So ~30 Connections all ~30 seconds.

The +20 buffer seems to be insufficient for me.
Since a buffer of +7470 is much more interesting.

As per the page I linked to about rate limits:

To request known or verified bot status, please fill out the form at Limit Increase | Twitch Developers

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A big thank you, I will fill out the form right away.
A little question then remains to me.
Can I use a bot on my main account or do I have to create an extra account?

Streamer XYZ is a Real Person and stream every time. Can he make a Bot with the same Account ?

Account names are unique

Sure, is it a good idea probably not.

Should you have decided this before creating a bot used by 78k channels?


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So it is not forbidden.
Streamer XYZ can also make a bot with his name over the oauth:xxxxxx KEY? :sweat_smile:


Each oAuth key belongs to one account.

When you login it’s with username/oAuth keypair

If you make a oAuth token for foo

You must login with foo and foo’s oAuth
You can’t login with bob and foo’s oAuth

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Ok. I apologize for my english and my inaccurate question.
Streamer XYZ makes a account and stream with this as real person. Now he make a bot and will connect with his name and his oauth key. Now he sits in 5 Channel and streaming by the way. That is allowed. I understand that I can not connect with another name over my oauth key.

Sure, but why would a streamer make their own bot account and sit in 5 channels. This just seems odd.

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Hello, can you tell me when I receive my answer for the limit-increase or do you have nothing to do with it?
I wait more then 3 business days and no answer with the results :confused:
Does that mean I was rejected?

3-5 business days is usual but it can take longer, it’ll take as long as it takes

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ok then I am calmed down. I thought I was already rejected and therefore I have received no answer. :sweat_smile::hugs: i wait :3 thanks.

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