My first app from twitch

Hello dev friends :slight_smile:

I need your help to give me somes advices ! Im a student and im from France, this is my last years of studying and I’ve to create a big project.

My projet, as you can guess, is about twitch. The app goal is to manage clips ( trend clips, user clips…). Our idea is a deskop app with somes feature :
- A deskop app which is communicate with the twitch api to get all infos and analyics datas about the user ( with twitch authentificator )
- A deskop app with bots to get infos about live streams, like chat bot, sound bot, face bot. This allow us to know at every moment if the stream is in a strong moment, if yes, we creating a clips ( with the api )
- A cloud with the trends clips, the user clips created from his community, the user clips created from the app
- A possibility to download clips or to merges clips between them for creating a short video automatically

We want to use a Node js and vu js.

Do you think is it possible to do? Do you think twitch will be agreed with the app ? Do you have any documentations ( other of the twitch doc ) about live stream analytics or anything else that could be intrusting for us?

I can give you more details if you want.

Thanks for reading :smile: