My game is banned from Twitch. I was never given a reason why

I’m developing a game called Yandere Simulator.

In January of 2016, Twitch added my game to their list of prohibited games:

This was a newsworthy event, and numerous websites reported about it:

The Twitch community reacted with confusion, unsure why the game deserved to be banned:

I made a video about the subject, expressing my own confusion: This video has been viewed 800,000 times.

Over the past 11 months, I have attempted to contact Twitch numerous times to ask why Yandere Simulator is banned. However, Twitch has never given me a response.

I’ve submitted report tickets - no replies.
I’ve e-mailed the support team and the dev success team - no responses.
I’ve messaged Twitch administrators - no help.

I would be more than happy to alter my game’s content to permit it to be streamed on Twitch, or produce a “Twitch Friendly” build of my game. But, first, someone at Twitch would need to speak with me and tell me what content needs to be removed or toned down.

I’ve noticed that the focus of this forum is primarily API-oriented, but if the objective of the Twitch Developer Success team is to help developers succeed, then surely this is a relevant topic for the forum.

Is there anyone on the Dev Success Team who can assist me?

Thank you for your time.

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This forum is for support with games that integrate with Twitch. Unless your game includes Twitch integration, this isn’t the right place.

Developer Success is also not in a position to speak to moderation concerns such as the banned list. Our VP wrote about the subject of banned games and our role in that. Worth a read:


Looking around the forum, I can see that this is a development-centered forum. I had a strong feeling that this wouldn’t be the right place to raise my concerns.

Ironically, in the article that you linked to, the final sentence reads: “Let’s take the conversation to” This statement would imply that this forum is be the proper place to discuss the subject that I’ve brought up.

If the Developer Success team is not in charge of helping developers succeed, I’m honestly at a loss for who I should be speaking to…

Just to be clear, Developer Success is focused on technical integrations with the Twitch platform. That is, what does it mean to have a successful Twitch integration in your game. That doesn’t focus on being able to broadcast the game on Twitch, the rules of conduct, or the banned games list. Those are the key tenets in your post, and those aren’t our focus as a team.

You can certainly discuss banned games here with the community. I would refer to Kathy’s blog as the de facto stance of Developer Success as it pertains to banned games.

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I understand. I’ll try to find another way to reach a solution, then. However, I have a related question to ask you:

Who should I speak to regarding the banned games list? As far as I know, Twitch doesn’t make it possible for developers to directly contact them and go through a process for being removed from the banned games list.

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