My stream not 'findable' on Android Twitch app when I'm live

Note: This is a direct copy of the email I’ve sent to Twitch support and posted to the Twitch support Twiiter account.

Any help from anyone or similar/exact cases coming forward would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Twitch Support. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

This is the second message I’ve sent on this issue. I’ve tested it some more and narrowed it down, but also wanted to send another email as I haven’t heard back from the first one.

My stream isn’t able to be found on Android devices using the Twitch app when it’s live. It doesn’t list under the game category I’m playing when scrolling through the online users, and doesn’t appear in the ‘Following’ or ‘Activity’ in the Android app for followers. On desktop and iOS the channel displays fine being both publicly listed and followers seeing I’m live in the ‘Activity’ tab.

If you manually search my username or click on followed channels and view my profile from there, you can see the stream is live and watch it fine without issue, but it’s not letting followers know I’m online or able to be found publicly for new viewers when scrolling through the list of streamers streaming a game. Again, this problem is only with the Android app.

I’ve done extensive testing to narrow this down to the Android app including reinstalling the app, factory resetting devices, testing on two phones and one tablet, getting viewers involved for feedback, logging in and out, resetting stream key, disabling all connected API’s, changing encoding settings/bitrates/resolutions/fps and more. The stream always reports back ‘Excellent’ for the quality and therefore should be view-able on all mobile devices, but it doesn’t appear to be found on Android unless looking at my profile directly.

I have one word left: Help!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Andy (floomoo)

This forum is for third party developer support. You’ve done the right thing by contacting support, and you’ll have to wait to hear from them about the official resolution or if this is a bug. If you’re interested in finding other people with the same issue, I would post to r/twitch on reddit. You will get a lot more views from other streamers than here on the developer forums. Sorry I can’t be of more help!


Cheers mate for the reply. I had a feeling I was posting this in the wrong place, it was recommended to me by someone who saw my tweet to Twitch support.

Ill pack my bags and off to reddit I go! :blush::+1:

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