Name info missing for a particular user ID

When I fetch my following list through Helix, it reports I’m following user ID 29325630. However, if I request the user info for this ID, I get back an empty list (zero total and empty data array). I can still get the other users following this one, and even this user’s follows, but not anything with the name, etc.

This shows I’m following:


No data for the user:


The mystery user follows Werster:


Kraken v5 can’t show me the info either:


Even the main site tells me I’m following 135 but only shows 134:

If the user were banned or deleted, I’d expect the follow metadata to be correspondingly deleted or suppressed.

If you look up the ID in v5 you’ll get the following {"error":"Unprocessable Entity","status":422,"message":"User \"29325630\" is unavailable"}

Which would indicate the user could have been banned, suspended, deactivated, or maybe something else. I would assume that the reason it remains in a list of follows is that the condition causing the account to be unavailable might be temporary, and if a banned account would be unbanned it would continue to have all of it’s previous followers instead of losing them all.

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