Name of game with Game ID?

Hey, everybody,
Quick question, do you know where to find the list of twitch games?
I explain myself I make a GET
In my JSON I find “game_id”: “33214”, how can I translate 33214 into Fortnite ?
I would like to have if it exists a list of all the Twitch games with their ID.

You can use the Get Games endpoint and specify up to 100 game ids with the game_id querystring param and the game id that you got from the Get Streams endpoint.

As games infrequently update, it’s common to create a cache on your end so that you’re not constantly looking up what game 33214 is, if you already know it’s Fortnite.

The way I setup getting the game title is through the get streams endpoint.

Took the game ID from there and set it as a variable and pulled the game name and box art from the output to query from get games.

Only downside I’ve come across so far is I can’t get that information unless the user is online. If I find a way around it I’ll certainly update.

Thank you very much.
It works perfectly.

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