Need Clarification on Embedding Code

I’ve been able to get the whole page with video and chat to embed on my website, but what I really want is just the video and not the chat window.

So the code below appears to be the one to use, but I’m having trouble tailoring it to my channel. I get an embed error when I use it as I’ve modified it.

What have I gotten wrong here?
Also, I’d like the player to load UN-muted. I want the audio to be on when the visitor loads my web page. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!


You don’t due to the magic of the browser interaction score, you basically can’t autoplay video unmuted.

The code you have presented will generate a player of just the channel.

If it’s not working provide a link to the broken page and someone can have a look see

I’ve put back the above code and get the misconfigured error again.

Here’s the link to see the error.

Your iFrame URL has the wrong parent, and there was a syntax error. A missing " at the end of the iFrame src


<iframe src="" height=" 600" width="900" allowfullscreen="true">
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