Need help for my twitch dashboard api use

I am working on a school project and I have made a twitch dashboard to show current top streams and top games on twitch using my client-ID. Now from May 11, we will require both Client-ID and App access token. Now I am using only frontend tech stack which is React and I don’t have proper backend knowledge to integrate it to my web application.
If I use online open-source software to generate that token for my app with the same account which is providing me the client-id, will it work?
I am showing only two pages in my react app i.e. Top Games and Top streams, so will it work?
I have tried the open-source software to get an access token and integrated into the header and removed client-id and it is working. So will it work from May 11?
As I mentioned, I am new to React and don’t have proper backend knowledge so don’t have a strong idea on that.

“open-source software”?

No you need any valid oAuth token

And then when sending API requests you send a

  • Client-ID
  • Any oAuth token

as headers

The “best” solution here, is your React front end, calls your React backend and the React back end caches/performs the relevant Twitch API requests and managers it’s own secrets/tokens.

Then your frontend won’t leak any tokens at all as it’s only calling itself

yeah, some softwares on github available to generate twitch token generator.
I know little bit of php.So what If I use any third party app to generate token and store that using php and use backend for my project, will it work?
As I mentioned it’s a school project, so It needs to work for couple of days.So I just need it running fore sometime.

Sure anything is possible when you are programming it to do what you need/want it to do


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