Need help getting client_id and user_id

Hey, I had a bunch of questions.

  1. Is it possible to get an accs user id from helix api? If so, how?
  2. Is it possible to get a client_id through helix api? If so, how?
  • When I use helix api to work out, I’m getting oauth token does not match the client_id
    and when I use kraken (v5) I’m getting This Api does not exist!
    How do I fix this? please help!

Yes, depending on what data you have from the user you can call the Get Users API.

  • Got a user token - use token only (no params)
  • Username - use login param

If you have a access token already you have a ClientID, as you use the ClientID and ClientSecret together to make tokens (usually, unless implicit auth then it’s just ClientID)

Like your other question

Both your ClientID and ClientSecret are obtained from the Developer Dashboard, and manually copy/pasted into the Application config

For completeness the Validation Endpoint (Authentication | Twitch Developers) will return the ClientID for a given token, but if you have a token, then you already have a ClientID.

You may have used someone elses token generator (which is generally not advised), and if you did, you’d need their ClientID (which you can get from the auth URL they use) but you won’t be able to get their ClientSecret, which is why you should get your own ClientID/Secret from the Developer Dashboard Twitch Developers

I did use a token generator, does that mean there will be two client ids?

If you used someone elses generator you’d have to use their ClientID not yours

As helix will require you to use tokens genereted using that clientID.

So you should obtain and use your own ClientID and generate your own tokens and don’t rely on a token generator.

Also what may be the reason for me to get This Api does not exist when I use kraken(v5)?

You didn’t specify the required/documented v5 header

Kraken/v5 is also deprecated so you should use Helix where possible and uservoice what’s missing if not missing already

See also, the migration guide

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