Need help with custom emotes

I have always wanted to make a addon kinda like BTTV but only emotes.

Could anyone help me out with this?

Thank you.

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Guess no one knows how.


Guess no one knows how guess i’ll find out one day…


You can check out FrankerFaceZ. Sounds like the same area of what you are trying to do.

Yea its the thing i want but i want my own and not someone elses.
I even tried to look at its code and stuff and see what i could do but nothing worked.

I kinda got frankerfacez to work with my own stuff, for fun and such, But i would like to make my own cause then i can really do what ever make it public and stuff like that. FrankerfaceZ i don’t have that right because its someone elses and not mine.

FFZ dev here. You need to add your own emotion sets to the App.EmoticonController instance. Then, you need to inject that set’s id into the emote sets returned from TMI. You can use whatever method you would like to add the CSS for your emotes. If you want twitch to handle the CSS for you, you need to add them to the App.EmoticonController instance’s emoticons property.

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Could you give me an example of how to do that?

I’m a noob at twitch’s api and stuff and been trying to get into it a lot

Cause i want to make a semi-public type of version that has custom emotes on it for fun, But i can’t do that with your as its yours and i have no right to do that so. If i make it my self i have rights to.

I don’t like to break copyright stuff :stuck_out_tongue: