Need interactive overlay access

I am creating tools to make bits a more viable source of income for streamers. I can do this without the interactive overlay access, but it will be more difficult and not as effective. I have been scraping larger channels for donated bits and I know as well as you do that they are not striking near where they need to be. I can remedy that.

I currently make the tools and you might notice that several of the VC funded websites have stolen my idea which I find hilarious. No website made a countdown timer before I did and that countdown timer receives around 4 thousands unique hits per day. No website had a follower credit scroll before mine did either.

I am currently working on an overlay “game” that is controlled through bit donations and external donations that I believe will do extremely well with increasing the amount of bits spent and user interaction with the streamer. It would work best with an integrated overlay. Is there anyone I can speak to to make this happen?

Thats a tad shady…

Cheer-ing was supposed to be about cheer-ing something that happens, “hey GG have some bits” granted that’s not really what it’s become (yay ad bit farming free money fest), but thats a different story.

Striking just fine for us/me/those I work with.

Sue them for stealing your copyright/trade infringing idea. Sadly I imagine they or other users of this forum can show how they came to the same idea independently or received a feature request from users/streamers saying “hey can we have x like y please”. Everyone borrows from everyone else, and often doesn’t check if it already exists, since it needs building yesterday.

Like a SubTrain timer? That was in SubAlert ooooooooh so long ago. Or if you mean the subathon stuff, not idea where that originated from, everyone sorta went, “hey I want this and it does y based on z” I’ve built three or so each, slightly different. Yay for concepts. Or a “stream starting” timer, thats just a clock…

Some yes, most probably not, but different strokes for different folks, I don’t have enough metrics to support this based on existing stuff that exists.

Edit: And it’s probably more linked to how many unspent bits are in peoples purses, people don’t really tend to go and buy bits to spread about… A tad weird…

The one that is currently in beta and only works on the main twitch website and doesn’t on what I believe is the biggest growth area? Mobile? Prototype using a CLR browser, and go from there. Most[citation missing] of the interactive overlays that exist right now use the IO to capture user interaction and display on a CLR browser anyway.

So your idea of using IO makes little sense, as you already excluded 75%[citation missing] of viewers from seeing it, granted those that can’t see it, due to platform, are probably never gonna tip or cheer regardless.

Nope, I already went fishing and I got nothing.

Have you perhaps considered that in some channels bits aren’t a huge thing because that is by design of the streamer? It sounds like you’ve been collecting raw data from channels without a streamers permission and if you’re not in direct contact with those streamers then you have no idea what own thoughts on bits are, the income from bits might be low intentionally.

There are pros and cons to bits, and a lot of streamers don’t mind bits because if someone wants to use them then sure, it would be silly to stop that revenue stream, but they might not actively push for the use of bits and this can be intentional.

I find it much more likely that people didn’t steal your idea, but just had the idea on their own, or as Barry suggested had a feature request from someone else. At the end of the day timers, overlays, all of it is rather generic and something people will easily come up with on their own. If they copied the exact design outright then maybe that would be something to complain about.

As for access to Twitch’s new interactive overlay thing. To my knowledge all of those with access right now have had well established apps beforehand, or at least proof of concepts. You have an idea, and currently no users. Make your app, prove it has value to Twitch, Streamers and the end users who will be interacting with it, and then try to see if it should be integrated with Twitch’s interactive overlay.

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There is nothing to share with regards to the interactive overlay access. You’ll hear it on the blog and here in the forums when we have more to announce!

I would also recommend against scraping and storing data without permission as that’s against the Developer Agreement.


I would never store anything without permission. I’m not ReChat. I know I wouldn’t get rewarded for breaking the developer agreement.

A JS bot displays the totaled bits in Chrome locally. Your JS bot actually.

Anyways thanks for the definitive answer.

Whose? Mine? How do you have my source code?



There’s a reason for that.

Exactly. Everyone needs a clock. I made everyone a clock. Not just for whoever paid me. A good clock too. Counts up, counts down. You know, it does clock things.

Explain this line of thought.