Need more information on /helix/streams endpoint

Here is a response from helix/streams on the streams endpoint:

	[id] => 26950834128
	[user_id] => 36029255
	[game_id] => 21779
	[community_ids] => Array

	[type] => live
	[title] => 2017 All-Star Event: LMS vs. LPL
	[viewer_count] => 99496
	[started_at] => 2017-12-10T22:00:33Z
	[language] => en
	[thumbnail_url] =>{width}x{height}.jpg

Here is the same scrape on the kraken/streams endpoint:

	[_id] => 26950834128
	[game] => League of Legends
	[broadcast_platform] => live
	[community_id] => 
	[community_ids] => Array

	[viewers] => 99496
	[video_height] => 1080
	[average_fps] => 60.0134861767
	[delay] => 0
	[created_at] => 2017-12-10T22:00:33Z
	[is_playlist] => 
	[stream_type] => live
	[preview] => Array
			[small] =>
			[medium] =>
			[large] =>
			[template] =>{width}x{height}.jpg

	[channel] => Array
			[mature] => 
			[status] => 2017 All-Star Event: LMS vs. LPL
			[broadcaster_language] => en
			[display_name] => Riot Games
			[game] => League of Legends
			[language] => en
			[_id] => 36029255
			[name] => riotgames
			[created_at] => 2012-09-08T06:53:10.58539Z
			[updated_at] => 2017-12-11T03:34:27.252999Z
			[partner] => 1
			[logo] =>
			[video_banner] =>
			[profile_banner] =>
			[profile_banner_background_color] => 
			[url] =>
			[views] => 937843577
			[followers] => 2656044
			[broadcaster_type] => 
			[description] => Welcome to the Riot Games Channel, home of LCS, LCK and LPL. For more information, schedules and stats, head to


As you can see, the Kraken API is far more verbose. In addition to the basic information included about the stream, it also gives you some rather important pieces of information:

  • game_name (League of Legends)
  • user_login (riotgames)
  • display_name (Riot Games)

I mean, thats some pretty important information when you’re scraping for a list of live streams. Why is it not included in the new API?

Now, in order to get information about a live stream, I must also query the helix/games and helix/users. This basically TRIPLES the amount of queries I have to do to the API… which is a strain on everybody’s servers; and puts rate-limit risks in play.

Can we get this information included with the helix/streams response?

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Duplicate post Helix API changes from Kraken - data missing

Not really a duplicate. We are talking about different endpoints.

The thread I linked to has become a more general “theres stuff missing from helix” thread

Get Games for getting the game name from its ID. Store it by ID in case the name changes and update your ID->name map regularly.

Get Users to get login and display name from ID. Same thing, remember the ID, update login/display mapping regularly.

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