Need Oauth token, no redirect url


I was writting this all in python but since I can’t get the token, I am just stuck here. lol I am actually very tired but I am so behind schedule on the stuff I need to do and I am not sure if i can learn how to get the token in time. I just wanted to mention that if my words sounds slurred or off. lol

I was told to get a redirect url and I have none. I was told to use http://localhost as the redirect url when you are making your app. So I did that and when I was told to use it just brought me over to IIS and it DIDN’T give me my token! I have google searched this and everyone keeps saying use http://localhost and to use that url. What am I suppose to expect when I hit “connect with twitch” on that webpage? Because I don’t get any token at all and it brings me to IIS so I don’t know what I am looking for. i’m sorry you guys. :frowning:

I am willing to pay since I am on a time crunch. I don’t want to pay for the script I want to make but I do want to pay for whomever can take care of this very fast for me so I can focus on the rest of the script. lol The super easy way out but I need that right now. I will also post ads for programmers in my area as well. I just wanted to ask on here since this is some I am trying to do is for twitch and Twitch uses Oath.

I can give you anything you need to access my account. Infact, I will put up all my credential information I have now online.

Name: vgmbot
OAuth Redirect URL: http://localhost
Category: website intergration
clientid: izbr3e0woto5nlw13belle04zsrtvf

And thank everyone who helped me in my last threads. I learned alot and I learned how to make requests in python using the requests package which is python’s curl I guess? Either way, I was finally about to make a request to twitch and get a 400 code back so I am making progress!

If you already have a webserver running on localhost, and haven’t set it up to handle the OAuth process, then yeah it likely wont work as you’re doing other stuff on that port, so use a different one, for example http://localhost:3000 and try again.

You should get redirected back to that URL with various querystring parameters in the URL depending on what auth flow you used, eg,

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