Need some help with connecting to twitch irc servers!

I have some problems connecting my bot to Connecting to is no problem tho…

When connecting to ubuntu I just send nick and then usr. With twitch I am sending pass, nick and then usr.
I am really confused why this isn’t working at all. Usually I think twitch should tell me anything but after my bot tells me that no special errors occur there is just no message at all. So I think the problem is within the connection not with me being unable to send a valid pass before usr and nick.
Because my code is a little longer I am posting it on pastebin I hope you can understand and analyse it:

  • My oauth PW should be correct it is not the string in the sample code.

  • I have the pw/usr/nick in the right order, nick/usr is wrong in code.

  • I want to say again, that I don’t get any message from twitch or any errors.

  • I just tried using wireshark and when filtering for “irc” I got some data
    with, but none with
    Is the twitch adress wrong?

Solved ( ).

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