New accounts can't whisper verified bots

There is some kind of spam-prevention measure in place that prevents new accounts from whispering: upon sending a whisper, the chat window is disabled with the message “This account is no longer active.” I stream with a custom interactive overlay, and had hoped that getting my bot verified would allow new accounts to whisper it, since it removes the concern for spam. Just did a quick test, though, and it’s still happening.

Can spam prevention be disabled for verified bots?

The exact nature of Twitch’s spam prevent techniques hasn’t been disclosed.

From peoples observations though it does seem to be the case that new accounts do have increased restrictions on whisper. Doesn’t matter if your bot to which they are whispering is verified or not, that only matters for whispers your bot is attempting to send. If the new accounts can’t whisper then they need to wait for however long it takes for the account to no longer be considered ‘new’.

This is also why this type of interaction through whispers is not ideal, especially now that Extensions can often take the place of interactivity that used to be done through chat/whispers and is much more suitable for this type of traffic…

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