New API endpoints: Get User Extensions, Get User Active Extensions, and Update User Installed Extensions

Today we’re adding three endpoints to the new Twitch API – Get User Extensions, Get User Active Extensions, and Update User Installed Extensions. Now you can get a list of all installed or activated extensions a user has on their channel - and programmatically change active extensions.

We’ve often heard streamers ask for the ability to quickly and easily activate extensions based on the game they are streaming to ensure the best viewing experience. These new endpoints let streamer tool platforms offer the ability to integrate extension switching into scene management, and game developers offer the ability for streamers to auto-activate their extension when launching their game.

Developers can do this by creating an application that uses the new Twitch API endpoint Get Streams to see what game the streamer is playing and uses the Get User Active Extensions endpoint to adjust which extensions are active on the streamer’s channel based on the API response.

Check out the documentation and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. As always, we’re excited to see what you build!


This is amazing! Thank you for this <3

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Woah, this is really cool, I’d not thought of programmatically rotating extensions.

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string of expletives

This is amazing…

Which user types have the scope needed?


Can channel editors invoke this scope?

user:edit:broadcast must be granted by the authenticating user for access to the authenticating user.

So to edit a broadcasters extensions, you must get a oAuth from the broadcasters.

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So if I wanted to give this functionality to say a chat bot, in theory could I just have the broadcaster generate an oAuth and then give that to the bot? :thinking: Or do we know if it would need to be a username match with the broadcaster instead of the bot doing the request?

Wow. This is a super amazing feature!

And instantly gives me the idea of a tool where a streamer can set up completely automated extension “profiles”.