New API feedback

Hi folks,

I’ve been making plans on how to convert my site to use the new API and have a wee bit of feedback. I’m aware the API is still under development so please excuse me if these have already been considered.

Previously the /streams request contained both the stream and channel data, this was really useful as it reduced the number of calls needed to the API. The new API would require a separate call to do this - for example, if I wanted to create a list channels with some associated meta data (viewers, language etc) it would require two separate calls to create.

Would be possible to have the new user object included in the streams response? This could excluded by default unless a flag was set in the request.

Some useful information is missing from the new user object

  • Views
  • Url - This was previously needed to handle channels which had display names with say Chinese characters, is it safe to assume that the channel’s url can be created from + login?
  • Mature flag

And the stream object

  • Video properties - height/fps/delay (I don’t make use of these but there are sites which do)
  • Game name - Could you please tell who ever added game_id a big thank you from me, the game name however would be quite useful to include as well for sites/apps that don’t keep a record of all the games (or want to eliminate an extra request to look this up)

Naming the follower count “view_count” in the user response is a bit confusing.

I haven’t seen any mention of a replacement for the featured request and it’s meta data, will there be an equivalent? Same with the StreamSummary request.

Much appreciated!

How do you mean? the view_count is the number of channel views, it has nothing to do with followers. It’s follower count that is missing from the user object.

The only way I see to get a channels follower count (in Helix as it currently is) would be to use<user ID> and go over every page (which is silly as the biggest channel I work with has over 600k followers, so would be an insane waste of requests)

That must be a typo in the documentation then - the docs currently say “view_count” is “Number of users following this user.” hence my confusion.

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