New API scopes documentation

Hi everybody…

Can someone, possably Barry, tell me where I can find the documentation for the new scopes.
Or I think they are new. haven’t seen them before and can not find any documentation for them.

Scopes I am asking about are: channel:edit:commercial & user:edit:follows

channel:edit:commercial does NOT work from IRC with “/commercial 30” message and using PUT/DELETE with user/follows?from_id=xxx&to_id=xxxx with user:edit:follows doesn’t work.

Thanx in advance :slight_smile:

Scopes are documented here:

They are listed there, not documented with examples.

giggle snort Hi there

IRC commands required chat:edit and possibly channel:moderate and the bot needs to be an editor of the channel, to run a commercial this way

There are no endpoints that use these scopes at time of writing, they just seem to be on the scopes page for some reason

To run an advert on a channel

To change user follows

Hi Barry…

I know I can use v5 scopes, but I am trying to move away from them :slight_smile:

To use /commercial chat command from IRC, i need to use “channel_commercial” scope from v5. editor and the other do not work :frowning:

OK… When I saw those “new” scopes, I thougt I could follow/unfollow with helix, but could not get it to work. Will have to wait for twitch to add it to the documentation.

Thanx for the reply Barry. Have a great day.

Helix does not currently support these capabilities, but running commercials at least is most likely considered a key feature and v5 should not be deactivated before a corresponding helix method exists.

But with those “new” scopes it should be possible. They just need to update the documentation for the endpoint.

I also thought that @BarryCarlyon would know something about these scopes, cause he is a regular here and has “high” contacts :smiley:

It’s not. Someone put something on the docs thats not supposed to be there.

What endpoints? If there are endpoints they don’t exist or are not ready to be used and haven’t been announced on the forums. The scopes would seem to have been added to the docs in error. If indeed even if they are the correct/valid scopes

Commercial and edit follows endpoints for helix.
But they ARE there and I know they were NOT before. So it must be some “work in progress” LOL

If they do exist they are not expected to be used as they are not documented, which means they can change or break at any time

They can not breake, cause thay NEED to be there. They are just movimg them from v5, i think.

if they exist they are clearly testing them, which means they could break or be changed at any time.

Let’s just say you are right. I just don’t know why they are on the list of scopes when they are not documented :confused:

Someone updated the docs using a bad version of the docs and/or copied something from the wrong set of docs to the live docs and it’s not supposed to be in the live docs

Which is what I said in the first reply

I know what you said so what is the problem? I never disagreed :slight_smile:
Just said that I would have to wait a bit longer to move commercial and follows from v5 to helix.

You sounded like you were trying to use undocumented endpoints because you found some scopes in the docs

Nope. Just asked where the documentation was so I could use them instead of v5 :slight_smile:
Sometimes you reply so much that you get confused :smiley:

Anyway, can you report a bug for me? moderation/banned endpoint has beed on endless loop for 6 months or so. Cursor changes a bit and just loops.

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