New API /users request issue?

In the docs it says
Gets information about one or more specified Twitch users. Users are identified by optional user IDs and/or login name. If neither a user ID nor a login name is specified, the user is looked up by OAuth token.
It also says:
Optional scope: user:read:email

So when I make a request like this:
-H “Client-ID”, “myclientid”
-H “Authorization”, “OAuth mytoken”

I expect it to give me details on the user attached to the OAuth token without the email being included.

It gives me a 400 Bad Request. Does this mean the Optional scope is not really optional if you are passing in the oauth?

The new helix api doesn’t use the format like the old kraken api:

"Authorization: OAuth <token>"

It uses this format instead:

"Authorization: Bearer <token>"

I just tested this and it worked perfectly without specifying a user id or login name.

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Ok thanks @Six
It is kinda weird that the Docs for New Api literally gives an example with "Authorization: OAuth "

Yeah, their documentation up-keep still needs some work. Another quirk that I’ve noticed was that is says you should get 204 No Content when you update a user’s description. But when you actually make the call, it returns a User object and a 200 OK status like when you request the Users endpoint.

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