New Charity API endpoint and EventSub subscription type are now in open beta

Twitch’s charity tool allows creators to set up a fundraiser with just a few clicks, and it is now available for all Twitch Affiliates and Partners. To empower third-party integrations with this new tool, we are providing the following API endpoint and EventSub subscription type in an open beta. Additional endpoints and subscription types are being considered and we will have further information to provide at a later time.

What’s new?

Get Charity Campaigns — A Twitch API endpoint that gets information about the broadcaster’s active charity campaign, such as the charity’s name, fundraising target, and the current amount of donations.

channel.charity_campaign.donate — An EventSub subscription type that sends an event notification when a user donates to the broadcaster’s charity campaign.

What else should I know?

Charity campaigns remain active and accept donations until the broadcaster ends the campaign. The campaign information is no longer available via the API once the campaign has ended.

Keep in mind that only Affiliate and Partner accounts can run charity campaigns, and that broadcaster authorization is required to obtain donation information.

How do I get started?

Check out the link in the introduction for more information about Twitch’s charity tool from a broadcaster and viewer perspective. The links that follow the introduction will take you directly to the Twitch developer documentation for the API endpoint and EventSub subscription type.


Nice to have an API for this!

Given that donator information is publicly sent to IRC (via msg-id=charitydonation, which is admittedly undocumented), it seems (somewhat) weird to restrict EventSub/Helix to broadcaster auth

This is likely related to other unannounced endpoints which (may or may not exist) are not part of the open beta. (Like theres no catch up endpoint for if you were down and thus miss eventsub notifs but I expect an endpoint for catchup)

Similar to how subscriptions are scoped but also publically sent via chat.

Or just generally making sure resoureces for services are correctly managed.