New Dev Question - "Unable to access channel subscribers"

Not sure where to start or even which question to ask but let me try.

I’ve been able to successfully use the API for simple things and I have also been using IRc via sockets. No issues with managing to do these things.

I do seem to have a problem finding information on people in chat.

when I compare the chat (via web) with the irc stream I don’t see details on “subbed” or “prime” users. I am not sure how I get these details…

Just as a note, I am not going to be using this for my stream but I am building something for another streamer so I assume there may be some kind of “authorization” scenario that comes into play here.

I have tried
I get the response
{“error”:“Forbidden”,“status”:403,“message”:“Unable to access channel subscribers of xxxxxx”}

I am not even sure where to start with this one, any assistance would be great, thank you!

To get some of the additional details such as if a user is subscribed to the channel, or a Twitch Prime user, you have to request the tags capability, as documented here: you will there have tags on the irc messages that you can parse and check for if they have the Twitch Prime badge, or a sub badge, etc…

As for the subscribers API endpoint you’re attempting to access, if you read the docs you’ll see that you need to use an OAuth token as authentication with the channel_subscriptions scope. This token has to be generated by the broadcaster of the channel you’re attempting to access subscriptions of going through your apps auth process.

Hey Dist, thanks for the lightning fast response! This is great info,I’ll go give those links a read!

thank you! :smiley:

working fantastic! I used the “tags cap” in the irc

thanks for the info

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