New developer rig: Cannot configure path to OpenSSL

Running on Windows 10. I have the new rig cloned from Github and running configure.cmd seemed to do as expected. The problem is with running make-cert.cmd which results in “Cannot configure path to OpenSSL.” Did I miss installing a required package or something?

You need to install Git for Windows and then choose OpenSSL as SSL Library.
Windows doesnt have OpenSSL installed by default

That did the trick. Thanks!

Hey I am having this same issue - can you please tell me if you did anything else after installing Git for Windows? I already had it installed, but reinstalled and double checked that the option to install openssl was selected. I can see the files on my computer in the Git installation folder, but configure.cmd is still returning the same error message :confused: Thanks!

UPDATE: I resolved this - looking through the .cmd files it seemed that they were looking specifically on the OS’s installed drive for openssl in the Git folder. My copy of Git was on a separate drive so the install couldn’t find it. I resolved this by reinstalled Git on the same drive as my OS, however I think it would also work if you just change the drive it’s looking for (or the path entirely) in the .cmd file doing the check.