New embed and angular?

Any one know how to use the new embed with Javascript in a Angular 2+ application?
I want to make the transitions from the iframe but it seems embed is now available on npm.

You can either update your iframe code to include the new parent argument.

Or using the JS method, it’s literally, just add a script to your header and call it in your html, you don’t need it to be a NPM module since the content is loaded from twitch’s CDN anyway. A whole module is overkill to what amounts to one <script tag and a couple of lines of js

Script tags don’t work in the html of the components from what I have experienced so far, and I cant find a way to import the Twitch object without getting an error if I want to run it on the OnInit function



Fixed: looks like i needed to declare this before the @Component

declare let Twitch: any;

Just in general, if you are doing any JS import from the index.html, you need to do that declare var PackageName:any in angular

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